Homemade tomato paste

The old method Fresh tomatoes liquidised n frozen

Who knew tomato paste is so simple to make……….

Whenever I had too much tomatoes I used to just liquidise it, pour it into a containers, freeze it till set then put the frozen blocks into plastic bags.  
Difficult part is when I’m in a hurry the frozen blocks takes longer to cook than the freshly liquidised tomatoes. Another problem is that these couple of bags tomato blocks took up a lot of freezer space.

Oven dried tomato in the dish

I washed, halved and deseeded the tomatoes (I read somewhere it’s not necessary to deseed but I just thought it would dry quicker if it had less liquid) I then put it on a baking tray which I popped into the oven on 100°c then left for work I called the nanny 7 hours later to switch off the oven.

This was my 1st time making tomato paste I think if I was at home I would have put the oven temperature higher. I didn’t know what to expect when I got home but wasnt satisfied with all the liquid still in the oven pan, so I poured most of the luquid out into a container, then put the tomatoes back in the oven on higher heat for another half an hour. I did use 2 boxes of very ripe tomatoes so I guess it would take a bit longer. I then left it to cool completely then liquidised the tomatoes, adding some of the liquid I removed earlier bit by bit to help with the processing. 

The above tomato in the little dish is how it looked before liquising.  I was adding the tomatoes a little at a time to the liquidiser then realized just before adding the last tomato I could add this recipe to my blog 😀 that explains why only one oven dried tomato in the picture above

The end result TOMATO PASTE

I looked at the oven tray of wet shriveled up tomatoes worried what is the end result going to be but was very excited to see it turn to tomato paste as you can see in the above picture


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