seafood 🌊 PAELLA

in a heated pot brown your rice stirring constantly (i actually browned mine too much , thats what happens when you don’t stir constantly and some burned a bit)


in a little olive oil braise onions till translucent



add the red bell peppers and braise with onion  (i didnt have red and used a green one that turned half red but it just does not give the same taste and pretty effect as proper red peppers)
now add the garlic and braise through


add grated tomatoes salt and sugar and cook through


now stir the spices in
stir the rice through the spicy tomato mixture
add the stock and cook for about 15 minutes without stirring DO NOT STIR
put a dash of butte in the pot u used for the rice then stirfry the veggies remove and set aside


stirfry the seafood add masalla and cook in juices for about 5 minutes
I added some smoked mussels with the oil for extra flavour
getnly mix seafood through rice leave to cook for another 3 to 5 minutes, gently stir through again then garnnish with parsley and lemon wedges and remove from heat and serve



SO WE ALL KNOW THE SPANISH PRONOUNCE THEIR WORDS DIFFERENT TO HOW WE READ IT .  JOSE IS PRONOUNCED HOZAI ,  JESUS IS HESUS etc  PAELLA IS PRONOUNCE PAHEYA  and I’m sure the spanish wont be amused with me using long grain rice in a “Paheya” but i just had to try the rice we’re selling so the result is a lose fluffy rice and not the prefered sticky rice a Paella is supposed to be made of  and off course it didnt leave me with the brown sticky crust in bottom of pot the Spanish fights over.

Yield – 16         I cooked for 16 people but recipe may easily be halved or quartered .

cooking time – Approximately 20 minutes


1.  4 cups MJK EXTREME Basmati rice available from Ridwaan +27(0)843244813 or Najmah (+27)0724003840

2.  2 x 800 gr prawns/seafood mix (whatever you prefer) thaw if using frozen

3. 2 x Onions chopped/diced

4.  Veggies of your choice

5.  2 x Red bell peppers

6.  5 x garlic cloves

7.  4 x tomatoes grated/pureed

8.  1/2 teaspoon Tumeric powder

9.  1 tablespoons Masalla (I prefer very hot so I add a spoon of chilli powder too)

10. Salt to taste (I prefer to sprinkle some over ingredients in each stage)

11.  4 x chicken stock cubes seeped in 6 cups water 💦 or 6 cups homemade stock

Method :

1.  In a heated flat pot brown the rice 🌾 stirring constantly remove from heat

2.  in a separate pot braise onion in a little olive oil till translucent

3.  Add chopped bell peppers

4.  Press or grate garlic

5.  Add grated or pureed tomato 🍅 and spices/Masalla salt and sugar

6.  Pour the stock water in then add the braised rice and salt to taste.  Leave to cook in open pot.  Do not stir!

7.  Meanwhile In the pot you used for rice add some butter and stirfry your veggies then remove from pot and set aside.

8.  Add little more butter to pan then stirfry seafood for about 5 minutes (I prefer to add a little masalla and chili powder to the seafood mixture too because my family eat very hot food ) at the end of this stage I added some canned smoked mussels with it’s oil

9.  Add and gently mix the seafood through the rice which should by now be almost completely cooked

10.  Mix the stir fried veggies and garnish with chopped parsley and lemon wedges

This recipe comes to you with love from NAMA enjoy!



7 thoughts on “seafood 🌊 PAELLA

    1. Slm Nafiesa we are trying to get distributors in other cities too. Currently we have distributors in Cape Town, Belleville, Paarl and King Williams Town.
      We are trying to set up distributors in Johannesburg, Durban and Pietermaritsburg


  1. Ps. It definitely is better to use short grain rice. I tried with tastic and that works better then white rice it’s somehow more moist.

    Those trying this recipe please leave a comment


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